Blockchain 3.0
for e-documents

Exchange and analysis of documents on the basis of semantic
representation in the environment of a distributed database

What is Docnota?

Information system that reduces the human impact on work with the documents

The increase in the number of operations performed electronically by unifying the content

Smart document

Adding meta-information, creating the document according to the specified parameters

Smart environment

Legally significant storage of unified information in the protected interactive environment

Smart storing

The exchange and the analysis of documents based on semantic representation in a distributed database environment

Проблема при работе
с документами

Описание проблемы / Проблема потребителя /Потребность
Фиксация времени и объема работы пользователей с документом.
Существующее решение / Как решают сейчас
Устанавливать специальное ПО фиксации времени работы пользователей
Предлагаемое решение / Как может решаться
Автоматическая фиксация времени и объема работы пользователей с документом. Доступ к статистике и инструментам анализа работы пользователей над документом.
Описание проблемы / Проблема потребителя /Потребность
Потеря документом актуальности при изменении законодательной базы. Документ использует ссылки на устаревшие или недействующие нормы закона.
Существующее решение / Как решают сейчас
Используют "односторонние" гиперссылки на законодательные публикации. Актуализация проводится путем мониторинга экспертм изменений законодательства и внесение изменений вручную, либо автоматической проверкой актуальности ссылок с последующей их заменой на новые.
Предлагаемое решение / Как может решаться
При создании документов пользователь устанавливает зависимость текстовых блоков от конкретного пункта закона. При изменении закона в документе у связанных с законом блоков появляется индикация изменения связей. Публичная бибилиотека системы содержит большое количесвто готовых текстовых блоков для сборок документов с предустановлеными зависимостями от законодательства.
Описание проблемы / Проблема потребителя /Потребность
Гражданину без специального образования трудно разобраться в применении к его конкретной жизненной ситуации сложной системы взаимосвязанных положений законов и других НПА. Практически невозможно самостоятельно составить юридически грамотный документ.
Существующее решение / Как решают сейчас
Обращение к юристу, самостоятельное изучение юр.литературы, использование справочно-правовых систем и самостоятельное решение на основе полученной информации
Предлагаемое решение / Как может решаться
Публичная библиотека содержит исчерпывающий набор готовых проверенных на актуальность шаблонов документов и кейсов решения ситуаций. Каждый пункт документа содержит все ссылки на связанные с ним законы и процессы. Гражднин может составить в сервисе документ с гарантией юридической грамотности и исчерпывающую информацию по его законодательной базе.

Proof of concept

New paradigm of working with the documents and information: basic functional unit of the system is a block (paragraph)

With such a concept, it is possible to add meta-information, to use the ontology (semantic markup) of a single database of certain areas of knowledge. The result will be the processing and sharing of documents in single information system which will have a legally significant status.

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Customer and segmets

The Basic needs:

State Authorities at the Federal, Regional and Municipal Levels

- Standardization of issued regulatory legal acts
- Tracking the relationship between regulatory legal acts, synchronization of changes in legislation
- Automatic monitoring of implementation progress and practice of implementation of changes in regulatory legal acts
- Access, dissemination and reporting of official information
- The order in the presentation of information, a simple search for the required document

The Basic needs:

Enterprises and SMBs

- Legally correct execution of documents
- Single Knowledge Base
- Reducing the time spent on creating and processing documents
- Reducing the risk of error
- Reducing the time spent on contracting and claim work
- Reducing costs for participation in the electronic document circulation
- Orderly storage of documents.

The Basic needs:

Expert Community: Lawyers, Document Experts, Developers, Researchers

- Access to legal information and expert opinions
- Access to the leads (applications) of users
- Provision of services on a commercial basis
- The ability to monetize competencies

The Basic needs:

Individuals, product users

- Become familiar with its application to specific life situations, complex interrelated provisions system of laws and other normative legal acts;
- Be aware of the laws, NLA;
- Get a high-quality legally competent document and legal services.
- Opportunity to earn

The Future is Here!

We believe that the products being developed will be able not only to help solving the existing problems when working with the information in the documents, but also to create new business opportunities and apply the technologies that will be useful for society, business and the state.

Creating a database of individual areas of knowledge

By joint efforts a public library is being created. It will contain unique expert information verified by the users.

Rewarding of experts

Discuss, comment on legal documents and establish connections between units. Knowledge and experience can be useful in working with complex legal documents and bring a pleasant reward

Participation in law-making activity

There is the public examination not only at the stage of draft laws, but also after the publication of laws. Exercise public initiative, comment on documents, and create a system that will help to develop functioning and understandable laws.

Fair price determination

The majority of tasks will be performed in Docnota (the development of documents, preparation for a court session, etc.). Payment for such services may be both hourly and fixed, based on the results presented. And the platform will be able to offer the users who are most suitable for the task to be solved by their experience and the level of payment for services. For the common use of the project, it is possible to provide the legal financing services

Justice and legislation

To the possible extent, the well-formulated laws should define everything by themselves and leave as little as possible for judges to decide. Increasing the accuracy of legal decisions and applying a neural network in the court of original jurisdiction

Affordability of legal assistance

The local currency that you can earn and pay for services or for documents with its help on a non-risk transaction basis

Transparency and publicity

The award for keeping public information of state and municipal authorities on users’ computers

The weakening of the bureaucracy

Reasonable decentralization, self-management, cost reduction, control

Documents, solutions marketplaces

The sale or free provision of document templates, automation processes, applications and other ready-made solutions that will accelerate working with documents

More Details about the Project

We tried to explain our product in several formats. In any case, all submitted documents are project description. I suggest getting acquainted with the project to start with a whitepaper - we put a lot of energy into this document


We have investigated the market in 11 countries, and its aggregate volume reaches $200 billion. The serviceable & obtainable Market annual volume was calculated using two methods and it may range from $232 million to $327 million.

- Bots-lawyers

- Document analyzers

- Annual volume of serviceable & obtainable market from $232 million to $327 million

- Document constructors

- Electronic document exchange market

- Electronic notarial system

- Legal reference systems market

- Legal services market

- $200 billion market volume

The analysis of the market and competition revealed users’ demand on development of new approaches and instruments to work with documents. Our market research is available upon request



Create a document or template, send to the company

Integration in MS Word and Google Docs

Searching information on blockchain and adding it to a document

Pilot projects

Agreements start a pilot projects in state and municipal authorities


The core of the platform at the moment is the Hyperledger Fabric framework

Software Distribution Package

The installation package of the prototype on own server